Do you hate ads? Do Ads really piss you off?

A few of the statements that are consistently heard from the people

“Life would be better if there would have been no advertising run on TV, Radio, Newspaper, YouTube, and so on…”

 “Advertising frustrates me “

“I change the channel of my Television when ads come”

Now, think for a moment that all the countries have decided to stop advertising because people started getting annoyed by them. Now let’s have a look at how the world would be without Advertising.

Decrease in the growth of Global GDP.

Without Advertisements, brands can not reach the mass population at a lower cost, which will increase the final price of the goods and services. They will have to concentrate on local and regional areas. This causes the demands to be lower and forces the brands to lower their production. This in the long run directly impacts the global output and economy.


High rate of Global Unemployment

On one hand, people working in the Ad Agencies and Promotion Department of companies will lose their jobs. On the other hand, because of lower production and manufacturing, people working at factories, retail stores will also lose their jobs. Hence, unemployment will be at its peak. 


Might be the end of the Social Media Era

Companies like Facebook and Google are solely dependent on advertising revenue. As per the data of 2019 of Statista, Facebook Ad Revenue accounted for $69,655 million and Google Ad Revenue accounted for $134,811 million.

In 2020, about 97.9 percent of Facebook’s global revenue was generated from advertising, whereas only around two percent was generated by payments and other fees revenue. So, if there are no more ads, these companies will probably get shut down. And even if they decide to stay, people will have to pay a high price for the services which they are currently getting for free.


Shut down of smartphone companies

In January 2019, some 61 percent of users in North America accessed social media via mobile phone, while the global mobile social penetration rate was 42 percent. Some of the giant brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, or Vivo among many might get shut down because of declining sales. The corresponding governments will not receive the taxes that the company used to pay from the profits of smartphones.


To put things into numbers you can comprehend, Apple alone has paid more than $100 billion in corporate income taxes around the world in the last decade and tens of billions more in other taxes (DW News, 2020).

Probably Not Many Sport Stars

We know the fact that brands invest huge amounts of money in sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, and so on. So, if they are not allowed to run the ads, they have not much of a reason to sponsor the events and teams that play in them. A big of the superstardom that a lot of players have achieved, part of their prowess in the game has been their marketability. Think of all the world-class players in their fields. Now think of all the advertisements and brands that they are part of promoting. These opportunities give a big boost to not only the athletes themselves but also the sport that they are part of.


Take that attention away from the field and sure there are still going to be world-renowned athletes and events that the world will know about, but they will lose that luster, that the current sports with advertisements and sponsors and all that have.

Lack of Beauty

Now, you might hate the constant recurring of ads and promotions everywhere you go and everywhere you look but you can’t deny a lot of them really interesting. At its core, these ads were always meant to attract your attention in some way or the other. Can you imagine how Times Square of Manhattan will look if there will be no billboards around the place? Can you imagine a magazine or newspaper with only words and no fascinating pictures on it? Not as captivating now is it?


 Imagining these things will shiver the soul of every human being who cares about the economic side of the world. Stopping the ads or thinking the world without advertisements will be full of fun and pleasure is a mere fantasy. In fact, the consequences of stopping advertising can be worse than the post-war situation between the countries.

Therefore, one should be thankful that there are advertisements. And, always try to respect this word and those who are working under it. Because a world without advertisements can create Havoc.

Author: Somesh Lal Joshi

December 1, 2021

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