Why your brand needs a Social Media Presence in 2021 ?

Why your brand needs a Social Media Presence in 2021 ?

Social media has truly made the world come closer. The communication and messaging of the olden days might have transformed the world into a global village per se, but the information and the places they’re going to are still pretty far away, making that distant place feel like something closer to home. So that makes social media, i.e. the platform that thrives on people sharing and communicating with each other, a perfect place to tell and sell your brand.

Short History?

Around the start of the millennium, social media was an emerging entity. It was viewed as a source of advertising and promoting, but that is nothing compared to what it has evolved now. Be it straight up promoting or keeping up with the customers and clients, or just reminding the general public of their presence, social media has been used by the people on these, now established social media front to their best capabilities.

Sure it’s not the only platform available for promotion. I mean, it only emerged and has reached this notoriety just recently, and there have always been people promoting and advertising their brands, since well, the ancient times when people started doing more than just fulfilling their survival needs. But that’s a thing of the past. Yeah, the physical promoting aspect is still as important now, but it doesn’t have quite the reach in terms of audience the way these social media platforms do. Even if we go by word of mouth route, it still has its limits, besides even that part is easily possible through messaging, which is kind of a bonus feature in most of the social media platforms.

The Present,

As of 2021, the number of internet users worldwide has reached 4.66 billion, which is a big percentile of the world’s population, and each of the individual social media platforms has its own stats about the reach and their feature usage. And it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say a good part of the internet users spend a good part of their days on these social media sites and apps. So, it’s one of the best places to promote your brand. You can grow your audience and keep updating your services and products with the audience all the while growing the number of potential clients. Initially, it’s a slow process, but once it starts to grow to a certain point, you can basically run a lot of the part of your brand and even part of your company’s operation through social media platforms. The degree to which you can go with this depends on what kind of work or service your brand gives but also depending on how much you want to involve your social media account in your branding.

Beat the Competition:

The social media platform has a lot more advantages compared to traditional means of branding. For one, the platform is cheaper on the budget than buying ads slot on newspapers, TV, or even making pamphlets. Then there’s the fact that most of the consumers would use one of the search engines available to search up the services that they want. And if you have a good enough social presence then you’d rank pretty high on the search engines, bringing more traffic to your websites through subsequent social media pages, thus boosting your brand and its brand awareness. This gives you an opportunity with more new consumers that have made their way to you while looking up the services that you promote. This means potential clients and consumers.

There’s also the aspect of being in touch with your customers and clients. Because it’s a two-way process, the fact that you can promote your brand and its products also means that you can look up what your customers are saying about your brand, or they can directly address you with their concerns and feedback. This allows you to better your brand and also satisfy your consumers’ needs personally or through announcements or posts addressing the issues and updates. This also brings forth a kind of bond between you and your customers. This bond evolves to brand loyalty and you have yourself a large number of loyal brand ambassadors in the form of your customers who’d promote and recommend your brand to others due to their pleasant experience with your brand.

This also gives more credibility to your brand. The fact that you’re posting on social media and interacting with the brand’s consumers is a sign that your brand cares about its consumers and is taking measures to improve your products and outputs. That’s a positive message to send out as a brand.

So, in conclusion

Yeah, there are a lot more reasons, but most important of all is the fact that most people are just as much into these media platforms that they don’t have much or any interactions with any of the other media other than the ones that are forced upon them by their service provider. So it’s a good time frame to focus a lot of branding on these social media platforms for gaining customers and audience. But at the end of the day that ain’t always gonna cut it. Your brand and products need to be on par with what you’re advertising too. So, if you’re confident about your branding and your product’s potential, you should probably invest a good deal of your time and capital on your social media presence for the good and secured growth of your brand.


Author: Bipish Shrestha

April 9, 2021

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