Why is it important for brands to continue their digital marketing campaigns during this pandemic?

Why is it important for brands to continue their digital marketing campaigns during this pandemic?

With the Novel Coronavirus outbreak hitting every sector possible, the production and manufacturing side of businesses have come to a hold. With almost all the industries and service-related businesses on halt, many businesses are facing an existential crisis. While it is difficult to survive with no activity, it is not impossible to do so, thanks to digital media.

With limited activity to perform outdoors due to ongoing lockdown, Nepal’s digital content consumption has surged for the past 40 days. People have been on social media platforms more than ever, and we will be looking at why brands should continue their digital media presence to thrive.

  • Perfect time to make the changes to your branding strategies:

 Let’s get real, all of us have plans that have not been implemented like we wanted them to run. Your business might have issues with the digital presence that exists or the concepts that you’d like to invest ideas on.

With every other thing on halt, you can use this period to re-strategize your branding strategies to take them on the course you want them to run. Since everyone is free and looking, your digital media presence can better the organic reach tally and more potential customers. Thus, re-furnishing an idea or a strategy during this time related to your branding can enhance your overall market presence.  

  • Perfect time to show you’re here for good:

 According to a survey conducted by Kantar, 92% of the population did not think that brands should stop advertising altogether. Keeping that stat on the mind, you can use this time to show your emphasis on consistency and survival. With regular digital presence, you can get close to your customers, make them feel like their beloved brand is still well and strong so that they never actually feel the need to search for alternatives once we switch back to normal.

Using this to present your brand as a friend than just a commodity can be effective. You can lift up the business’ goodwill and operation at the same time.

  • Perfect time to get your creative ideas on the plate:

 Unique contents that enhance brand awareness keeping the ongoing situation in hand can get you noticed in this period. With everyone stuck to their phones and social media, creative content for customer engagement

This might be a perfect time to spend your bucks on engaging social media contents that demand interactions. Because come on, everyone is bored and looking for something to do! With tools such as polls and quizzes, you can create and connect despite being far away from your customers.

  • Time to use your presence for the betterment:

 As a responsible form, you can use this hour to make sure your customers are doing well. With regular contents that contain authentic information, safety measures, and myth busters, you can contribute to the community. You can use your social media to inform, reduce the panic, and check on what everyone thinks. This can make a responsible face for your organization and lay a firm foundation to operate once everything is normal.

At the end of the day, it is relatively easy to maintain your profile if you have a proper digital marketing strategy on hand. However, it is not too late yet, hiring a digital marketing agency that can deliver as per your needs might actually turn out to be a better move than waiting for things to get normal. Soaring digital media consumption and evolving marketing competition only signal one thing: brands that continue to adapt and deliver digitally will put themselves in a better position.

May 24, 2020

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