Siddhartha Sunrise Industries Pvt. Ltd. based in Teku (Kathmandu) is a pioneering manufacturer and reputed trader of UPVC roofing sheets in Nepal. They manufacture and trade with Sunrise Brand UPVC. The factory is located in Bhairahawa.

Sunrise Brand UPVC is an optimum choice for roofing in both civil and industrial construction. It has great durability and qualities of sound and heat insulation, acid-alkali resistance, fire retardant, and water resistance, eco-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective. It is a perfect modern material to be used for the construction of Residential Houses, Schools, Colleges, Warehouses, Markets, Vehicle Parking Sheds, Resorts, Cottages, Industries, etc. The normal working temperature of this product is -5 C to 60 C. It is the most suitable choice of material for buildings located in tropical and semi-tropical areas.

Kritya Hub has been an exclusive marketing and branding companion for Siddhartha Sunrise Industries Pvt. Ltd. particularly for Sunrise UPVC since its inception.


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