Cloud Marketing

Cloud Marketing

For those not in that sort of field, cloud marketing could conjure up all sorts of imagination. Just the wording makes it seem like something straight out of fantasy. Maybe it’s not really in that fantasy genre now as it was maybe a couple of decades ago but it’s still a great usage of a revolutionary concept and technology. But, this is not that sort of blog where we talk fantasy and all that is it now?

Cloud Technology

So going strictly technical, most of the time, Cloud technology has nothing to do with actual clouds, in that the whole concept is based around remote computing. There are server computers that provide the various services that are accessed by various client computers through the use of the internet. These servers provide either the Software, Infrastructure, or a Platform as the service that is being used by the client over the internet. The servers are situated at a location that is physically remote from its client. And because of this remoteness and the fact that it’s accessed through the use of the internet, as vast and reaching it is, the whole thing is called Cloud Service.


With over 3 billion people having some sort of online presence, in that, that many people are part of a digitalized world. It’s part of how we work, learn, interact, and get our necessities, for a considerably large portion of the population. So that’s a lot of people spending a good portion of time in this setup. This makes the things that they see and read during that time a big part of their everyday lives. So, obviously, business companies made their way to that part of human lives as well. The contents are more flexible here and the reach is quite literally the whole wide world.

Cloud Marketing

But we’re not just talking about internet platforms being used for business here now are we? No, that’s been done and discussed and is pretty well known. Besides, why would I write so much about cloud technology if I was just going to make it about the whole thing? So, when we move to Cloud marketing, it involves all of a company’s online marketing efforts. The online market seems to get a brand new marketing platform or serve overnight at times. Like there is suddenly a platform where you can do all sorts of things made with a great user interface and features. Now, something like that can’t possibly be made overnight, well not usually, so the whole process takes different steps and procedures to fully complete. But the end product that you get works as a singular entity.


Making a Platform

That’s where cloud technology comes in. Now it’s not necessary that one uses cloud tech to perform this. But everyone gets to have advanced server computers at their disposal, so they improvise with the next best thing. The company requests a server to store and work these data before and while launching the platform they’d be used in, and once the platform is complete the server provides the requested services that get used by the end-users, which is the rest of us who uses whatever the services the company is providing.

A run-through

Now the data in the cloud for cloud marketing includes many things. There are the initial data about the products and then there’s the harvested data from customers’ activities and feedbacks. The usage of all this leads to a better and more tailored service to the end-users in the long run. Thus becoming extremely beneficial to all parties involved.


It makes the operating of the market more efficient. The cost efficiency is high in that all the marketing is digitalized. This cuts out a lot of printing and other such physical forms of marketing strategies such as newspapers, catalogs, and other such commodities and strategic contents. Digitalization makes the spreading of content faster and cheaper.

Then there’s the customization part. Because the content doesn’t physically exist and exists digitally at a specific location, the content can be modified and updated according to the need. The change gets updated to the clients at a much faster pace than the traditional means.

Reaching the audience


Then there’s the vital point of marketing, the part where you get your target audience. Cloud marketing allows companies to produce advertisements when required. The materials can be added and removed at any time. It all means really good timing with respect to the needs and trends of the market. This is easily doable through cloud marketing.


but then…

However, even this has some downsides. The user experience is kind of incomplete. Without the end-users having direct physical contact with the product that is not digital. Then there’s the problem of internet fraud. This has also been growing rapidly, especially with their promotional pop-up ads in the form of online advertisements. The malware attacks caused can lay off customers from responding to the legit advertisement.


Author: Bipish Shrestha

August 24, 2021

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